As part of a materials rendering exercise in my design drawing class, I decided to draw a bag of my own creation as bags, specifically leather goods, allowed me to incorporate a variety of textures and materials within my render
I found that I rather enjoyed coming up with ideas for leather goods, so I attempted to convert my 2D ideas into a realized 3D object
The goal of the project was to incorporate leather weaving and woodwork into one bag and craft it big enough to be able to store my laptop & daily school supplies without losing its form or structure
I had fallen in love with the idea of weaving, as it allowed for both an interesting textural element and allowed for use of scrap pieces of leather
Using the dimensions of my laptop and referencing my favorite tote bags, I crafted a half-scale prototype of paper & chipboard (seen above) and it served as the basis for my later design

I ordered a variety of leather scraps sourced from high-end shoes, and, using the rough dimensions of the scraps, I devised the color pattern above and cut out muslin templates
Difficulty arose in burnishing the leather as over 28 individual pieces needed to be sanded, burnishing agent applied, and polished; though not hard, the process was extremely time consuming as I failed to get a dremel and had to do each piece by hand
The inner support structure, seen above, was created out of scrap pine and was incorporated to maintain the desired look and long-term rigidity; batting, pockets, and a canvas lining were then added to allow a safe place to store my computer and school supplies 
BAG    2021    LEATHER, SCRAP PINE, SCRAP HEMLOCK    16.5 x 12 x 5 INCHES    5 Weeks
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