The brainchild of designer Liam Huff and artist Lauren McAndrew, seen below, LANE is a furniture brand dedicated to the infusion of art within daily life. Inspired by the Art Nouveau idea of a "total work of art", the brand offers a complementary array of products from the chair one sits in to the cutlery they use for a meal.
Targeted towards those who appreciate craft and artistry, the McAndrew Collection features whimsical prints that inject one's dining space with an air of playful sophistication. With strong maple and marbleized resin, elegant forms are adorned with beautiful material and print to create a truly unique living experience. 
The McAndrew Collection features a 10-Person Table, Chairs, Buffet, Ottoman, Dinnerware, & Cutlery. Two main finishes offered: a pink or a white cast marbleized resin. Both beautifully complement the array of 5 exclusive prints with which to choose.
A rich palette of medium ensures the upmost quality for each Lane product. Prints are done on buttery silk, table and seat forms are done in beautifully marbled resin, structural components are made from thick maple ply, and organic cotton adorns the cushions of each bench and ottoman.
On the website, each piece is customizable with both prints and finishes able to be mix and matched to fit the buyer's tastes. The company also features a strong social media presence, with which to advertise upcoming collections or offer advice for how to style the beautiful furniture on offer.
Offered in either Polished Copper or Polished Stainless Steel, the cutlery reflects the motifs of the rest of the line in both its incorporation of the same two marbleized resins and its organic curves. Plates can be had in any of the prints above and pair beautifully in homogenous sets or eccentric variety.
Both silverware and plates feature color corresponding storage boxes depending on the swatch chosen. Each is sold as a set of 10, referencing the 10-person dining table within the collection. ​​​​​​​
Each furniture piece arrives in beautifully distinguished packaging with reinforced edge panels for added security during transit. After safety seals are broken, the top half of the box lifts off completely and easily present the flat packed contents. These are easy to put together and can even be done by oneself. 
With the ability to be dismantled and condense to half or a third of its assembled size, each piece can easily be put together by either the buyer or by an employee at Lane.
With the goal of creating beautiful form adorned with quality material and artistry, courtesy Lauren McAndrew, it was a necessity that the overall forms of the project be simplistic. Not only did this help visually, but practically speaking, the simplicity of the form lent itself to simplistic methods of fabrication. Given each piece collapses and can be disassembled for ease of transit, this was a plus as less brainpower was needed to figure out construction methods.
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