Spatula was an exercise in applying two orthographic views of an object onto a single block of wood, and ultimately realizing those two orthographic views in the round
From personal cooking preference, sketched exploration of form, and general market research, I decided to adapt the primary form of the fish spatula, a roughly 1/3 handle to 2/3 blade ratio, and utilize the idea of simple, intersecting geometry to create a balanced, elegant utensil
Rough Dimensions
Rough Dimensions
Foam Prototype
Foam Prototype
The first rendition of Spatula, seen above, featured an angled handle, to aid in wrist posture, and a fully flat blade, reminiscent of spatulas used for turning pancakes; however, after doing a rough render in pink foam, I found the angle did little to help with wrist posture and it ultimately felt awkward and clumsy in the hand
From what was learned with the previous model, I eliminated the angle, reoriented the handle and blade to be linear with each other, and angled the end of the blade up to allow for a better approach angle while cooking
After the penultimate model was tested, the adapted design was chosen as it felt evenly balanced in hand and could easily be maneuvered; the final carving perfectly encapsulates elegant simplicity initially intended, showing off the beautiful European beach wood with which it was carved
Spatula    2021    European Beach Wood    11 x 3 x 1.375 inches    3 Weeks
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